• Repository Dashboard -- central place to manage your repos, and to import the popular Angular repos from GitHub;

  • Front end for the angular-cli command-line tool -- "New Project" wizard to scaffold the Angular application using "ng new" command, and "New Component" dialog to generate blueprints using "ng generate" command;

  • Architecture Diagram -- animated overall architecture of your AngularJS/angular project, such as the bootstrap class, modules, components, and routes

  • Class Browser -- classes viewed by the component types, with the convenience of searching and filtering; one click to open the source code in VS Code

  • Module Diagram to view the module's composition, imports, and exports

  • Route Tree Diagram -- hierarchical tree of the routes and the implementing components

  • Import Diagram for visualizing all the Importing relationships between your classes

Prerequisites -- Node/npm; angular-cli; git; and VS Code as code editor

Premium (AngularJS-to-Angular Migration)

  • Scaffolding Angular shell for the AngularJS application with Angular CLI

  • Migrating bower.json

  • Quick configuration of global scripts, styles, and/or static assets

  • Auto configuration of UpgradeModule to bootstrap the AngularJS app

  • Graphical summary of the migration progress

  • Incremental migration of individual components from JavaScript to TypeScript

  • (VS Code extension) Quick fix of the AngularJS constructs in the component and template files

  • One-click migration of the routes

The migration feature is available free of charge to open source projects; otherwise there is an one-time fee for each project to be migrated. Please contact us if you are interested.

AngularDoc for Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Marketplace


  • Full integration of angular-cli generate commands (e.g. ng g component) on the explorer's context menu

  • Automatic metadata submission & synchronization to for analysis

  • "AngularDoc" editor for visualizing the architecture, classes, modules, routes, and imports.

Premium (AngularJS-to-Angular Migration)

  • Error markers and quick fix of the AngularJS constructs in the component files

  • Error markers and quick fix of the AngularJS constructs in the HTML templates